There are necessities, and there are luxuries. As the world keeps moving forward, the luxuries are eventually changing into necessities. Once, the car was a luxury. Now, it is a necessity. The availability of personal transportation is mandatory within the urban setting we are situated in. You need a car to travel to your office, drop your kids at school, to go to a nearby store to buy groceries, or if you wish to go on a drive date. The car is a legitimate personal requirement now, not a social luxury. However, the question is, can everyone afford it?

The fact is, it is not always possible to go to a car shop with bundles of notes in your pocket (or bank balance in your account) and simply buy a car. Also, ideally thinking about saving that kind of money would put an individual under stress, great stress! What should one do in this situation? We at, sleaford mot, have brought feasible finance solutions for the people of the Loughborough. We understand that a car is an important necessity and we encourage it as a substantial investment. Hence, to reduce your burden, we’ve come up with two financing options.

Hire Purchase

Hire purchase is the most popular financing option in the United Kingdom. The reason majorly lies in the fact that the ownership of the car is transferred to you at the end of the contract. All you have to do is make an initial deposit (which is usually around 10% of the total value of the car), and pay the rest of the amount in secure monthly investments. sleafordmot hire purchase finance option is prompt and easy to arrange. We prioritise your convenience and comfort above our sales; keeping that in mind, our team of financial advisors is always at standby to provide you with the necessary help.

Personal Contract Purchase

Personal contract purchase is comparatively more complicated than hire purchase. However, it is our responsibility to make this option of car finance available to you. PCR involves paying a certain percentage of the total amount as an initial deposit, and the rest is paid through monthly instalments for a decided number of months. Usually, this does not involve the transfer of ownership. The initial deposit, preferably, should be 10% of the cost of the car. However, you have the option of paying more as per your convenience. The benefit you get for paying a higher amount is that you’ll have to spend less on the monthly instalments. The point to be noted is that the final value is not calculated based on the car’s absolute cost, but on its depreciating value.

The contract usually spans from 12 to 60 months. Once it ends, you have three options:

1. You can start a new cycle.

2. You can return the car.

3. You can make a balloon payment to claim the ownership of the car.

Remember, the balloon payment is quite higher than the monthly instalments.

If you wish to buy a car through our finance options, please fill the form below. It won’t take more than two minutes.